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We're on a mission to help students become better problem solvers by delivering innovative STEM Education and Entrepreneurship Programs to students, and offering exceptional (according to survey results) "hands-on" professional development to educators. The Abacus Project is our signature program that helps to build confidence and improve students' basic math skills.

You can read our 2023 Annual Report here.

We use the Japanse abacus, called a soroban, to  improve basic math performance.

Male Teacher with Students

Summer 2024

Professional Development for Educators

Educators can earn CEUs while exploring evidence-based methods for improving students' and their own basic math skills. Help your class experience math differently using their "whole brain" to grow their persistence and problem solving ability. Our multisensory approach is ideal for ADHD students and non-math educators.


"The hands-on learning and "wow" factor will create awe and wonderment for my learners and increase critical thinking."

You can help us reach our goal!


Annual Newsletter Spring 2023

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