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What is

  • Akira Yoshizawa is considered the Grand Master of modern Origami. He created over 50,000 origami models, invented wet-folding, and developed a method of diagramming origami instructions

  • Legends say if a sick person folds 1000 crane origami models, they will get well!

  • Origami is derived from two Japanese words: Ori (folded) and Kami (paper). Before that, the art was called "orikata" (folded shapes).

More information about Japanese origami:

When you think about Japan, you may think about their creations with paper known as Origami. Origami is a known tradition of folding square-shaped paper to make various shapes. It is also a form of artwork that can range from simple to complex. There are many varieties of origami from cranes and hats to animals and flowers. The most common origami models in Japan are shurikens.


How to Make Origami

You will need a square paper

Want a challenge?

You can find more origami at:


  • In what country was origami invented?

  • Origami comes in two Japanese words, what do they mean?

  • What is basic origami?

  • If a sick person folds 1000 of a certain origami, they will get well. What model is it?

  • What shape paper is used for traditional origami?

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