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The DRANREF Foundation is interested in expanding our corporate partnerships with companies that are passionate about building the 21st century workforce and  supporting math education in underserved communities. By supporting The DRANREF Foundation, your corporate contribution will go towards elevating the future for students budding with potential.

By the Numbers
  • Teachers surveyed rated the program 4.8/5 when asked if the program improved students’ proficiency in math. They also rated the program 5/5 on its effectiveness in introducing students to the abacus and fostering creativity.

  • On average 89% of students at our Mott Center Pilot program saw an increase in math fluency over the course of the 12 week program.

  • Since 2015, TDF has contributed a total of $23,745 to organizations that support STEM education, provide scholarships, and serve the community.


How to Get Involved
  • Adopt a Community Center or School and Sponsor an Abacus Project Event 

  • Sponsor a Corporate Matching program for one of our Fundraising Campaigns.

  • Volunteer at one of our Abacus Project pilot program locations.

  • Host an Abacus Project Kit-Building event (2 hours + 10 volunteers yields 100 kits to distribute to students around the country!).

  • Subscribe to the Abacus Project to get the latest updates and to check out our upcoming events.

  • Sign up for an upcoming event.

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