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The Abacus Project welcomes the opportunity to support parents of students struggling in math by providing a safe space for them to learn a new, creative, hands-on way of problem-solving that has also proven to help build student confidence.


While the Abacus Project program has traditionally been delivered in person, we are committed to serving you. Whether you're staying safe at home or prefer remote learning, we will provide you an engaging and hands-on experience - virtually!

Why the Abacus?

Research shows that consistent practice on the soroban (Japanese abacus) improves math fluency, accuracy and speed, concentration and creativity. Use of the soroban stimulates right brain thinking maximizing learning outcomes through a multi-sensory approach. Our objective at The Abacus Project is to use this evidence-based instructional tool to measurably dismantle the achievement gap in under resourced communities.

The young people that were involved love it. They excelled in math and brought home better grades in school. I enjoyed working with them because I learned from them - they truly enjoyed the project and the activities that were presented to them.” – Mattie P., Grandparent 

If I had learned math using the abacus when I was in school, I would have done so much better.” – Parent at Takoma Middle School's STEM Night

How to Get Involved
  • Join us in one of our Virtual DIY Abacus Making Events to learn how to make and use an abacus with your child.

  • Be an Ambassador and help us bring the Abacus Project program to your child's school.

  • Donate to support the program! It only takes $20 to bring the power of the Abacus Project directly to a student.

  • Subscribe to the Abacus Project to get the latest updates and check out some of our upcoming events.

  • Sign up for an upcoming event.

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