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Kanji & Numbers

What is Kanji?

  • Kanji is one of three parts of the Japanese alphabet​

  • Kanji originated from Chinese in the 5th century

  • The modern Japanese language uses Hiragana and Kanji

  • Writing down Kanji on Washi paper with ink is an art form called Shodou (書道)

  • Kanji is known as one of the hardest writing system in the world

  • There are two ways to reading kanji, Onyomi and Kunyomi

More information about Kanji:

The Japanese language consists of three written alphabets known as Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Kanji is heavily used in modern alongside Hiragana. Kanji is used in writing nouns, adjetives, adverbs and verbs. Unlike the Chinese language, Japanese can not be written entirely in kanji. Chinese characters spread around to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other countries in the 5th century. Chinese characters were formulated into the original style of Kanji.


Kanji & Numbers Practice

Here are some practice worksheets for learning numbers you can do at home or school. Simply click on the gallery and you will see below the picture "Go To Link". Click on the link and it will lead you to a PDF where you can download the worksheet and print it out. You can find more worksheets in the link below as well as other resources and some fun facts.

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  • Where did Kanji originated from?

  • What does modern Japanese language use?

  • What do you call Kanji art?

  • How many ways are there to read Kanji?

  • True or false, is Kanji known as one of the hardest writing systems?

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