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When Covid-19 closed schools, Black, Hispanic and poor kids took biggest hit in math, reading

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

With over 4 million test scores in hand, it appears that the biggest drop in achievement is shown in math with only a slight impact shown in reading. Parents and students alike have become frustrated with the pivot in learning platforms since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of most of the nation's schools.

A recent report from NWEA, formerly the Northwest Evaluation Association, suggests that the pandemic has exacerbated the long-standing achievement gap, setting black, brown, and other marginalized communities even further behind their white and more affluent peers. Even more worrisome is that these findings only tell part of the story.

Some parents have taken their student's academic decline during the pandemic personally, believing it is a reflection of their parenting, while also worrying about the potential long-term impact this disruption will have on their students. Many families do not have the means to provide their students with the tutoring and resources it will take to help them get back on track academically.

One parent took matters into her own hands, making the decision to employ her own strategies for teaching her child.

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